Gravity Dancers: Even More Fiction by Washington Area Women

 Richard Peabody, ed.

Are there really that many women writing fiction in the DC area? Apparently so. What are they writing about? You name it. Sex, death, love, hate, birth, murder, children, parents, revenge, the endless war, and somehow laughter among the grim choices in an even grimmer world.


From the Guest Editor, Eamonn Wall: Issue No. 13, Spring 2005

“Before the advent of air travel, it was customary to hold an ‘American Wake’ in rural Ireland to honor the man or woman who was departing the home place for America. Almost always, these ‘all nighters’ ended when the car, bus, or horse and trap, arrived to take the emigrant to the nearest train station or port to begin the long journey of separation.

Potomac Review

Issue 35, Spring/Summer 2003

Eli Flam, ed.

“Between Water and Stone”

(In Good Company, Live Wire Press, Spring 2005)

“Sal” and “A Late Farewell to My Own Prospero”

(80th Anniversary Anthology of Poems, The Poetry Society of Virginia, 2003)